Digital Marketing

Carlos Simpson uses forms of digital communication to promote your brand and connect your business with potential clients.

Product is what you have to offer – your unique value to your customers.

Basically in marketing, a product is anything that can be offered to a market that can satisfy a need or one I want. In retail, products are called commodities. In manufacturing, products are purchased as raw materials and sold as finished products. So, if you promote something new and original it will be much easier to convince the audience to interact and therefore to buy the product, obviously, it will be easier to get a successful and profitable campaign. In other words, if you create something with the intention to sell, then we can call it a product. Anything that might satisfy a want or need in the marketplace.

Promotion – Promotion is everything you do, both, online and offline to get your product in front of the line, and competent with your competitors. Also, to get new customers and keep the ones you already have. When you promote something viable and convincing I mean, a product that delivers tangible benefits and fulfills a real need in the marketplace something genuine that fills the customer with the feeling of uniqueness and satisfaction.

For a satisfactory promotion, we must consider the following basic factors:

Your website – your website is the (hub) effective center of your activity in the digital world this is perhaps the first and most important particle or element of your entire marketing strategy. Fortunately, nowadays there are already tools that allow you to create your own website without any coding knowledge. So you must consider not only the meaning and importance that traffic has on your website but also how it makes it worthwhile. Remember that trafficking itself is worthless. This is an extremely key factor; your web page must undoubtedly be: a conversion engine for the traffic being directed to it. So, your conversion rate won’t matter if you can’t bring in any traffic.

Search engine optimization (SEO) – it’s the process of making it possible for people and search engines are one of the keys to maximizing the number of visitors to your page. To do so you will have to align the content of your website with what your customers are seeking and present it in clear and accessible – often referred to as ‘natural’, ‘organic’, or ‘earned’ results. This is the perfect place to be if you want to increase specific traffic to your business.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) – here to pay for your chosen keywords or key phrases, depending on the type of business you run and the keywords you want to rank. This is the easier and most expensive way to attract more new clients to your website (business). Making small modifications to parts of your website and combining them with other optimizations will contribute to a significant impact from time to time this process it’s becoming extremely expensive for small businesses.

Affiliate/performance marketing and strategic partnerships – If you know what you want to sell, where you want to place your product on the market, and your audience, now you must understand how to engage or partner with other organizations in the sense of promoting your products. Here I am talking about cross-border marketing partnerships and the relationship between trust and performance.

Display media – Someone said once, and I totally agree “A picture is worth a thousand words”. When “display ads” are shown to the right users, they can have a remarkable and satisfying impact on a business when they intend to promote their products. It can be presented in many different formats and contains items such as images, text, flash, audio, and video. Display advertising is advertising on websites. In most cases for many of the visitors, this kind of adds can be quite annoying, but for such, there are currently applications that block this type of advertising. Online display advertising mostly consists of banner ads, image ads, and video ads.

Content marketing – Nowadays social media has an extremely significant role in content marketing for many reasons. This type of marketing involves the creation and sharing of online material ‘such as social media posts, blogs, videos’ which does not necessarily have to clearly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its services or products. The truth is that the customer as a rule has always been quite intelligent in the sense not only of quality but also of decision-making. But today the search engines like Google will rank your pages based on the type of content it offers – aimed at the right audience, in a much shorter and more profitable time frame.

Social media – We can say that today social networks move the world at all levels, both political and social, and much of the incredible success that many companies have achieved in recent years is due to the entire branch of digital media marketing which is social media and social networking. This type of mediated technology allows communities and virtual networks to create and share information as well as ideas, personal interests, and professionals.

Social network monthly active users on January 2021

Facebook – 2,070,000,000
YouTube – YouTube has more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users
Instagram – IGTV app has 7 million installs worldwide
Twitter – 500 million
Reddit – 52 million daily active users
Pinterest – 450 million monthly active users
TikTok – 689 million monthly active users worldwide – 215 million registered users
Tumblr – 472 million registered accounts
Flickr – 60 million monthly users
Google+ – 111,000,000
LinkedIn – 740 million registered members
VK – 100 million active users
ClassMates – 55 million registered users
Meetup – 52 million registered members

Online public relations – tools you must master to a successful Online PR include Websites, online press releases, article marketing, online newsletters, blogs, and other social media. – If you like to cost-effective market your brand to a wide audience, online public relations is the way. To do so, create an online channel such as social media and relevant websites connected to your line of business. Remember that Search Engine Optimisation and blogs create a positive impact on your brand in your field.

Customer relationship management – attracting new customers is important, but prior to that, retaining existing customers and building mutual relationships with them is a priority to be considered. So (CRM) systems consist of improving business relationships with customers and driving sales growth. Digital technology today makes the relationship between businesses/customers more straightforward and effective than ever before. This may include the company’s website, direct mail, telephone, live chat, social media, and marketing materials.

Email marketing 

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