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The visual standards for publications and all other media ensure that communications from every business, department, and office speak with a clear and uniform voice that best represents the image and brand of any product or business:

Bold and creative use of typography with the appropriate and approved fonts.

A flexible grid that may consist of type and images.

Intelligence and experience on the decision for the use of the right color palette.

Preferred colors / Exact color matching.

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When we think “brand”, I believe the vast majority immediately relates the term basically to logos, business cards or an identity system. But in fact the “brand” of an organization is far more than that. Your “brand”  is first of all the reflection and representation of your organization reputation. Branding is a key function in marketing that means much more than just giving a product a name.

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The ethical issues in the branding decisions such as naming, renaming, positioning and targeting sounds like the basics but in fact it requires a minutious of attention and detail.

What is the Difference between a Logo, Identity and Brand?

1. Logo is a mark or icon that identifies the brand.

2. Identity dictates all the ways the brand appears to your audiences ‘the visual aspects that form part of the overall brand.’

3. Brand (or branding) is the biggest part of this picture ” It’s not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.”

How does your company communicate the brand?

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The creative approach expresses the business brand in images, copy writing, language and a approach to design based on the following features:

Brand / EXPRESSION – Tagline and logos.
Brand / APPLICATION – Marketing and advertising: all print media (brochures, periodicals, etc.)
Websites / Blogs and any Social media according to the client expectations.
People are attracted by the values of an organisation so set out meaningful visions for your organisation with CS to attract respect and bolster your brand loyalty.
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Always considering every aspect of a project to achieve not just something that looks beautiful, but most of all functional and reaches the AIM.

Understanding how marketing campaigns started helps to explain why branded goods are everywhere today.
If conventional models of strategy and innovation simply won’t work how to challenge conventional economic models?
How Brand Ideas Influence the Market Creation Process?
The most influential Ideas on innovation tend to stay alive longer and solid, why?
Because the World in which the brand operates is constantly changing the itself must adapt to those changes by reinventing and refreshing themselves. For sure more often today than never before due to the speed of the technology.
Think of the culture, tradition, attitude and reputation without rejecting that the spirit of times is in constantly evolution due to many factors including fashion, needs and tools such as technology so for this matter brands can not stuck in time.
Before ask how to reinvent “Rebrand” you should ask and understand why and the limits of the change.

A business plan is essentially a guide to what your business will do including the market in which it will operate. Why your business stands succeeding comparing to others or vice versa?
Do you know or understanding your market “audience”?
How many other companies out there are already selling similar products?
Let’s start from here: nothing exist except a business plan.

Invent brands from scratch as well as spectacular is simply exciting that does not mean simple task, perhaps the opposite.
At “CS” we will ensure the best possible outcome you will discover that the possibilities are much more than you ever imagined.

Perhaps the most complicated or even the hardest.
In most cases it means start again also a great reason to call attention and be judged which means that the risks can be quite highin some cases.
But often this option can also save the the company of a tremendous fall which means that we should not only see the negative side besides most every situation is a different situation and should be studied and considered this way.

There were 581,000 new companies founded during the year 2014; more than one a minute”telegraph.” This number is expected to grow ridiculously which means that the competition is very high in an increasingly competitive market. Now is the ideal time to review the company’s performance and also the body which constitutes it. In this case ideas are important but the vision especially is key. whatever it may be but in reality there is always a trigger for change.

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