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Nowadays we are constantly surrounded and manipulated by images and information. The concept of beauty is sometimes imposed on us to believe in what the media wants us to believe. But true beauty lies in each one of us and how we see ourselves. I would like you to submit a photograph of your own reflection. The reflection can be in a mirror, in water, in a glass window, etc. This can be on the street or indoors. The idea of this project is to observe and analyze our own beauty in the environment in which we live. In this way, I intend to find the beauty in the differences and similarities between cultures, races, ages, and social statuses. With your permission, I intend to publish the selected photographs in a book with interviews and a DVD. All proceeds will go be donated to . I hope you can strengthen your human identity through the process of self-reflection.
BE-creative, BE-natural, BEourselves, BEgood, BEhonest, BEhuman, BEmusic, BE-peace, BEautiful… BE 1000 times BE-YOU-FULL.

Submit by: March 26, 2012, Vote: March 27, 2012 – April 6, 2012, Winner(s) Announced: April 16, 2012, FACEBOOK page

People Observation Technique

Understanding Perception

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