Selfie or Personal Branding?

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Do people consider their image and social their personal brand?

SOL SOLO, Selfie or Personal Branding?

Think Tank: Self-Expression, Selfies, Tinder, Selfies, Self-affirmation, and Empowerment.
While there is an Art to finding excellent ideas, the science lies in combining them when seeking a consistently positive return.

Every single idea must work alongside it to follow ideas in the risk-managed on the ‘invention of memory’ it also must support the team’s ‘Sol Solo’ underlying central economic thesis developed with input by Carlos Simpson – design.

“Asset classes are a distraction. What really matters is striking the right balance between risk and reward”.

This is what Sol Solo means just like a reflection in the mirror.

For example, ‘A – B, Positive – Negative, give to – Take from. Someone asked me the other day: is this a strategy? Clearly no.

In the times when philosophers like Stephen Hawkings believed that philosophy was dead, my question arose because I wanted to understand what is going on in the world today.

Where everything is faster and faster the need to find without search becomes the big idea.

It’s important to understand the connection or transition from the market sector to the emotional world.

This sounds a bit weird, but we must think about the world of sensations and integrity to resonate more powerfully.

Also, we must think about emotional intelligence (not just being smart about feelings) to better understand and build a better world when we think digitally.

Personal Branding & Personal Management Practice

If Mathematics is the only religion that has proved itself a religion, belief is the only unreasonable effectiveness that gave reason to Mathematics.


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