Notes to keep in Mind


Notes – Problem – Reaction – Solution

Think about it and where this leads us.[/title]

1– Things: an overview – objects


What is a thing?

  • Buying and selling things.
  • Innovative and initiative – our strange relationship with things.
  • The life and death of things.
  • Research things for example the effect of toys on children

Tastes and Values: An Overview


Approaches and Histories

  • why do I like what I like?
  • And who says what is Good?
  • Guilty pleasures: spectacle and sensation in visual culture.
  • Where have all the subcultures gone?
  • Debating taste – Researching tastes and values.

Creative workplace

  • First thing; with monsters: The reputation and reality of commercial practices in Art and Design.
  • Bleeding specialism: what is the place of discipline-specific skills in convergence culture?
  • All together now: mapping the collaborative relationship in between…
  • The term “postmodern” was first used in Blackboard:
  • “It understood as distinguishing from the modem seems to have been used first in 1917 by the German philosopher Rudolf Pannwitz, to describe the ‘nihilism’ of twentieth century’s Western culture.”
  • The term was used from about 1970 to describe changes seen to take place in Western society and culture from the 1960s onwards.


What is Culture?

  • in business – types of business culture – types of company culture
  • in sociology – what is “culture” in sociology
  • in an organization
  • in the workplace
  • in business environment

Culture about culture: the media saturation and what makes a culture?

We are a culture of buying and throwing away, building, and destroying things.

1- Research information

2- Find the meaning


These are only fractions of my analysis.
It seems confusing but if we put the pieces together, we can conclude that it makes more sense than it seems at first glance.