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"good design is good business"

Freelance Services. Tree and graphic design material

To Carlos Simpson your business is important and always come first. Whether you are an established business or a small business just getting started. CS freelance services deliver high quality, creative communication to suit your goals and objectives. Design to meet the needs of any client with a strong corporate identity, graphic design and production of print products ranging from brochures or annual reports. Thinking what nobody else has thought requires courageous patience.

Managing your project from concept to completion. Using comprehensive and creative strategies to ensure your business reaches consumers both online and offline.

Passion lies at the heart of any brand but the secret is in how to recognize it. It’s important that your product and sales taste better than anyone else’s. How do you bring your brand to life? How do you replicate what you do for customers for internal audience? How do you ensure that the inside and outside work together? How do give the brand depth and coherence? How do you make it impossible for anyone else to copy?

Freelance Services. Root tree and graphic design material.

These are the most frequent inquiry made by my clients:

  • Carlos Simpson@Graphic Design has been in business since 2008. It has never been part of this project to become a big size company, rather the ambition to always be big enough to have values to give the right and personalized attention with experience and professional competence. CS is based in London ‘Shoreditch‘ East London.
  • With a multidisciplinary approach CS/ will provide the full service tailored to your needs and specific design brief or project of any size or scale.
  • • Branding & Visual Identity
  • • Print
  • • Packaging Design
  • • Brochures
  • • Catalogs
  • Digital Retouch / E-commerce
  • • Fundraising
  • • Special Events & Meeting Support
  • • Social Media
  • CS/AD – it’s a Freelance-Designer which works in collaboration with many other designers, photographers, illustrators and artists worldwide.
    It’s been great delivering exceptional results and building respect and trust with CS clients. With a strong vision and clear understanding of the creative process, digital, printing, online and offline. Always believing in timeless ideas which give clever and responsible solutions that never go unnoticed. Ideas that always fits the particular needs of each client. With access to a solid network of talented digital retouchers, copywriters, photographers,  illustrators and print production experts with whom Carlos Simpson Design can collaborate as need be, and recommend with confidence.
  • Before start any project Carlos Simpson Design always require a form of contract or an agreement by both parties to make sure deadlines, payments and revision of the work follow all the clause agreement.
  • If for any reason the client is unhappy with the final outcome, he will be asked to explain the reasons why and the issues immediately will be rectified. The is no reason to get frustrated when there is a good communication in between client and designer and most of the time something simple can be easily done or addressed right away. Bearing in mind that during the design process the client will be always informed of the visual updates of the project.
  • Regarding to Pricing/Rates: It’s normally charged by 3 installments of 40-40-20 when it requires the CS / Studio equipment such as:
  • •Software
    •Laptops / Desktop
    •Digital cams
    •Pads / Tablets
    •A/V equipment
  • Which means 40% upfront, 40% when the first draft is sent and the final 20% when the finished work is sent to the client. Normally after the last payment its always given the facility  for another review in case the client want to chance small details. After the invoice is sent it’s always required the maximum of sixty days.
  • In the case of temporary or casual contracts the payment is made by bank transfer. In this event there is an agreement between the company and the Designer, Artworker or Digital Retoucher. Normally the invoice should be sent in advance in order that the client can make the payment.

They say the key to a successful relationship is good communication… Let's start here.