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CLIPPING PATH Retouching services for Creative and E-commerce

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CLIPPING PATH Retouching services for Creative and Ecommerce


CLIPPING PATH Retouching services for Creative and E-commerce


Best price and 100% satisfaction guaranty for high quality clipping path

 In E-commerse we use this service to make the product attractive to the eye of the buyer.
  • The image is one inside the garment that will complete the final image after the cut out.
  • The second image is the mannequin with the garment in this case will be made to separate the garment from the mannequin.
  • Then we will adjust the image one and two together in a suitable template following the client’s guidelines.
  • The first step is to open both photos in Photoshop and work first on the image that has the product on the mannequin.
  • This is an interesting step and sometimes the most complicated depending on the detail, the lighting and also the quality and size of the image.
  • After finishing the selection we delete the background or we simply create a new layer in photoshop with just the product that is what interests us in this case.
  • The next step is to place the inside of the product.
  • In some cases the client for this type of work asks the background completely white I mean 255 or greasy 245 and many times send the template with the images.

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