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Photoshoot and Photo retouch services for fashion

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Image Artistic Edits - Graphic Design services

Artistic Edits

Let’s Turn your Big Idea Into a Digital Product

One of the funny things in digital photography is the ability to edit and the manipulation of the image.

With our services we take your photos to another level giving you the opportunity to be upfront of your competitors.

This option it’s very strong in advertising when intended to create artistic and unique posters or billboards.

I absolutely love to shoot in RAW format just because the final outcome makes all the difference.
Allowing changing the light or color without damaging the information and quality of the original image.


  • In this case the client give us a brief and a selection of images.
    Above is represented an example of of similar the project.
    The first image was delivered in RAW format because this way allows us to work on the original image without damaging it’s quality.
    By the reason that RAW files are not yet processed it means that they can not be printed or published but on the other hand it’s easy to work on them in more detail.


  • After working the file in photoshop: hair, crises, color correction, skin, couves and the background. After save it on Tiff format from Bridge we then worked the image in Illustrator to give it the final Touch.


  • As required by the client the final Artwork was saved in Psd with all the layers and jpg format high resolution.

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