Jewellery Retouching

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Rich result on Google when search for Jewelry Retouching Image for fashion and ecommerce

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Rich result on Google when search for Jewelry Retouching Image for fashion and ecommerce
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This Service includes: 

  1. Clipping onto a white background with Natural Shadows and Web optimization
  2. Clear Dust, Scratches, Poor Reflection and Blemishes removing
  3. Colour Correction / Color Adjustment
  4. Straightening and aligning
  5. Back shanks of rings will be redrawn as necessary
  6. Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness and Tones Correction
    Change Gemstone and Gold Color
  7. Images Resizing and Scaling
  8. Natural Shadow
  9. Making Stone (Jewellery) Brighter & Shinning
  10. Background Cleaning & Removal Natural Shadow

Our expertise:

Our exceptional attention to detail and jewellery editing service allows us to edit your jewellery items to the real look and deliver you the best quality jewellery images.
As you can see in the section above, we deliver ourselves totally to the satisfaction of the customer by offering you and guaranteeing the best service and the best price.

Perfection and detail are the keys in this kind of detailed work mainly because it is quite expensive and delicate objects.

We know that the clients know what he wants, and our mission is focused on satisfying the expectations of our clients.

Some great points we are proud of, and we know that you will find the difference compared to any other service around the internet:

  1. Gold bracelet retouching
  2. Shiny, crystalline effects
  3. Diamond image optimisation
  4. Metallic effects on the jewellery

Your satisfaction first our quality first.

Carlos Simpson Design makes any Image looking perfect Increasing your online sales by over 75%.

Thank you for being with us!

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