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Photoshop Image Retouch and Color Correction - Google Search

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Photoshop Image Retouch and Color Correction- Google Search


Photoshop Image Retouch and Color Correction - Google Search

Color Correction, Digital Photo Retouching and Video Editing.

We are an image editing and video editing company specializing in Cut out/masking, clipping path, deep etching…

We can assist you in doing post-production as we understand that it is a very time consuming and tedious job.
It will help you in timely delivery and hence will increase your client satisfaction.
You can provide us with some test images to edit to see our skills and expertise in image editing.
Our work will speak itself.
Services include:
  1. Beauty retouching
  2. Skin retouching
  3. Face retouching
  4. Body retouching
  5. Cut out/masking
  6. Clipping path,
  7. Deep etching
  8. Transparent background
  9. Dust cleaning
  10. Spot cleaning
  11. Colour correction
  12. Black and white
  13. Light and shadows etc.
  14. Restoration of old images & Wedding Album Design

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