Infographic Design


Do you need an infographic design?

CARLOS SIMPSON™ Design Studio will create the perfect Infographic Design for your business.

Our UK-based infographic design team will consult with you to understand your needs:

• The infographic’s purpose (sharing, link bait, content marketing, etc.)
• Key messages to be conveyed
• Desired brand style

We’ll present initial concept sketches for your feedback. The design process includes:

1- Initial concept sketches to explore ideas
2- Selection and development of concepts
3- Design development on Macs
4- Polished presentation of concepts
5- Finalizing the chosen design in various formats (vector, jpg, png)

Our top infographic designers can adapt to any style. We create both simple and complex infographics to effectively communicate with your audience.

Explore our infographic design services to convey your messages effectively through illustrated and diagrammatic designs.

Note: The cost of this service may fluctuate based on the level of work involved.

for any inquiry do not hesitate to contact us at


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