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More than just Type print.

“Creating a design system always starts with the clear organization of space.

Deliberately constructed white space, not to be confused with unconsidered or empty space, is often overlooked as an element of Carlos Simpson’s Design.

In fact, a common mistake among inexperienced designers is to focus too heavily on the “objects” in a design (images, type, points, lines, and planes), and space is simply what’s left over when they’re finished.

Space is essential for creating relationships that form systems that lead to hierarchy’

The interplay between the objects of the design and the background is called the figure-ground relationship.

White space, also called negative space, is a reference to the “ground” in “figure-ground”.

The goal of a designer is to achieve a balance between figure and ground, where one doesn’t completely dominate the other.

Instead, they work together to unify the design.”