What are your payment terms?

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  • Regarding to Pricing/Rates: It’s normally charged by 3 installments of 40-40-20 when it requires the CS / Studio equipment such as:
  • •Software
    •Laptops / Desktop
    •Digital cams
    •Pads / Tablets
    •A/V equipment
  • Which means 40% upfront, 40% when the first draft is sent and the final 20% when the finished work is sent to the client. Normally after the last payment its always given the facility  for another review in case the client want to chance small details. After the invoice is sent it’s always required the maximum of sixty days.
  • In the case of temporary or casual contracts the payment is made by bank transfer. In this event there is an agreement between the company and the Designer, Artworker or Digital Retoucher. Normally the invoice should be sent in advance in order that the client can make the payment.

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